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Who We Are

Almegipharma was founded in 1998 by "Pipero" brothers as a pharmaceutical distributor to enable the import and marketing of drugs in the Albanian market. The company was conceived not only as an operator that provides medicines and medical equipment, etc., but above all as an operator that provides health care services through the provision of qualitative and safe medicines for Albanian citizens. Medicines according Almegipharma are a solution and not just a choise for our health problems. Furthermore, Almegipharma has performed a daily communication with doctors and consumers. Updating the knowledge of doctors and pharmacists through participation in medical conferences and congresses, organization of seminars and round tables in order to share health problems and providing educational forms for patients has made a real difference in the Albanian pharmaceutical market, not only for the volume of business but also for the quality of medicines and its partners in this market. Almegipharma since the beginning gained the confidence of the American company "Eli Lilly". This cooperation still continues today, providing qualitative medication for the treatment of diabetes, infectious and oncologic diseases, mental health, growth deficiencies, etc. After that the cooperation continued with well known pharmaceutical companies as UCB with te most qualitative medicines for the treatment of allergy, epilepsy, Parkinson's, cognitive diseases etc. and further more to continue with GRIFOLS, AlkAbelo, Mentholatum, Aegis, Bioclin, Allergopharma and finally with ASAC Pharma offering to Albanian patients not only personalized vaccines for allergy but for the first time the bacterial vaccines too. Almegipharma is focused on innovative solutions to health problems of Albanian citizens and as such is interested in contacting and possibly collaboraing with other pharmaceutical companies from Europe and worldwide offering new medications in the Albanian pharmaceutical market, based on partnership and mutual interest. Our vision is to contribute for a country with healthy citizens, able to build their future in wellness. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of Albanian citizens health, through the approach to serious and qualitative partner pharmaceutical companies and through patients education and update of knowledge of Albanian doctors and pharmacists. Our aim is to promote and market in the Albanian pharmaceutical market only qualitive and safe medications that serve as a solution for our citizens' health problems

The message of the general manager

Almegipharma is one of the most successfull pharmaceutical companies that is operating in Albania's pharmaceutical market for approximately 20 years. The quality and safety of medicines offered to Albanian patients has been its only goal, rather then the volume of business. Almegipharma has always considered the cooperation with doctors and pharmacists to succed on providing the Albanian patients solutions to their health problems. This is why Almegipharma requested and requires partnership and cooperation with the best pharmaceutical companies worldwide. I have the opportunity to thank for their contribution in serving the Albanian patients our partner pharmaceutical companies Eli Lilly, UCB, GRIFOLS, AlkAbello, Aegis, Mentholatum, Bioclin, AsacPharma etc. Also I would like to assure all our current partners and new ones, for the reability and correctness of Almegipharma in cooperation with them. I would like to assure you that Almegipharma will continue to offer patients only qualitative and safe pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. We are together for the needs of the citizens.

Mimoza Pipero.


Mimoza Pipero

Our Team

Elona Çollaku
Drug Regulatory Department
Mydeki Cela
Technical Director
Migena Cika
Sales Manager
Tea Keçka
Standard Quality Control